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Collar Dog Gentleman Tie Accessories Adjustable Pet Products

Collar Dog Gentleman Tie Accessories Adjustable Pet Products

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Introducing the Collar Dog Gentleman Tie Accessories, a must-have pet product from 'My Store' brand in the Accessories category. Designed with utmost care, these adjustable accessories are the ultimate fashion statement for your beloved furry friend. Available in three eye-catching colors: Zhengfei spicy chicken, BowknotYezeng color block, and Retro stripes with bows. Made to fit comfortably, the M medium size ensures a perfect fit for most dogs. Unique selling points include exquisite craftsmanship, durable materials, and easy adjustability. Enhance your pet's style and charm with these elegant Collar Dog Gentleman Tie Accessories.Product Information:

Color Classification: Necktie-Fox Forest (Neck Circumference 18-30cm) Necktie-British Tiger Head (Neck Circumference 18-30cm) Necktie-Steam Wave Light (Neck Circumference 18-30cm) JNBYHOME Joint Model-Thorn Stripes (Neck Circumference 18-30cm) ) Saliva towel-spicy chicken (neck circumference 18-30cm) Saliva towel-small crying bag (neck circumference 18-30cm) Saliva towel-eyelash essence (neck circumference 18-30cm) Saliva towel-greedy ghost (neck circumference 18-30cm) ) Bowknot-beast color block (neck circumference 18-30cm) Bowknot-retro stripes (neck circumference 18-30cm) Bowknot-grass dots (neck circumference 18-30cm)
Pet supplies style: long scarf
Applicable object: cat
Material: Polyester/POM
Collar: width 10mm length 180-300mm
Bow tie: 90mmx52mm

Size Information:
Size: M-medium

Packing List:
Polyester collar x1

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